Vibratory Bowl Feeder For Rubber

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Vibratory Bowl Feeder For Rubber Vibratory Bowl Feeder Malaysia  (振动盘)

Perhaps you are confronted with such a problem: How can I feed the rubber part well? Rubber parts contain some oil, which will make the bowl oily, and as the time goes by, the bowl bottom also becomes oily and to some extent, has a bad unsatifactory influence on the bowl performance, even the rubber part can't move on the track!


But don't worry, SWOER always and successfully makes vibratory bowl feeder for rubber part, like rubber band, rubber plug etc.



1. Product information

Name: vibratory bowl feeder for rubber part

Brand: SWOER

Material: top bowl--- 201 stainless steel

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China(Mainland)

Volatage: 0-260V

Frequency: 40-400Hz

Feedrate: 50-55pcs/min

Part: top bowl, feeder drive, linear feeder, controller, hopper, baseboard, conveyor, sensor, air tube, etc.




2. Features

 1、Customized machine. it's made according to customer requirement, like the space, condition of connecting machine, samples dimension, the part customer may need, food safety assurance, etc.

 2.  Voltage and frequency are applied to all areas over the world.

 3,  Automatic machine, taking place of labor, reducing the cost.

 4.  Service life is longer than 3 years.

 5,  Automatic samples sorting, screening and feeding.

 6,  It's an important machine to distinguish the samples orientation, guaranteeing the quality and the  performance of next station.

7,  Automate the production line, and enhance customer corporate image.





3. Details

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